How to Create an Amazing Social Media Marketing Workshop

Social media marketing is about creating amazing content and ensuring it gets to the target audience. Creating a first social media workshop or class for many can be daunting. Here are some tricks, lessons, and tips you can use to deliver a great social media marketing workshop.

Prepare for Different Experience Levels

The first important step to take is to assess the expectations and experience level of your audience. Are they community managers finding new techniques and ideas or business people who are overwhelmed. Regardless, there are 3 core contents you should explore at any moment.

  • Social media marketing strap ideal for small businesses.
  • Content focused on time management new ideas and efficient for businesses in the trenches.
  • Advanced cutting edge ideas on measurement and competitiveness.

You can also mix and match the content to suit every situation. Also, it is equally important to be clear with the organizers on any need for customized or special content. You can do this by tweaking the content to appeal to a specific audience. It can take up to 29 hours to develop an hour of new content, so customized content will cost more.

Focus on Insights

When delivering on a social media marketing workshop you shy focus more on the insights and not information. It is important to give your audience a reasonable, entertaining, and interesting experience so ensure you spend time on what they need to know rather than showing off what you know. Try not to repeat facts and figure that are easy to find anywhere on the internet. Instead, focus on insights your guests may not be able to get anywhere else. Also, focus on giving up to 3 or 5 ideas for each hour of the presentation instead of providing several bullet lists. Click here.

Be Memorable Through Stories

You can make a point about storytelling at the end of each workshop. This can be an illustration or a phrase from the story. Many participants in a social media marketing workshop are expected to report on what they learned once they return to their workplace. They will most likely share your stories first before they remember any of the stats.

Manage Time Like a Pro

It is important you cover all your main points in a workshop. For a long workshop that may last up to 4 hours or more, you should find a reasonable way to make adjustments for all the bumps along the way. If you are getting too many questions, it is an indication you are doing a good job but it can sometimes ruin the chance of completing the workshop.

Keep them Engaged

Many times people get distracted and start to think of the office or home after every seven minutes even when the content is engaging.  So you may need an intervention after every 7 to 10 minutes to keep them with you. You can do this by asking them a quest or have them stand up or raise their hands. You can also insert an unexpected image in the slide deck or change the tone of your voice or spin a story or tell a joke. Click here for more information: