9 Skills Every Social Media Manager Must Have

Have you considered getting somebody to help you manage your social media needs? Hiring the right person to support you is an essential first step in spreading your brand and your message.

However, you want to make sure you have the right skills to meet your needs. What should you consider when outsourcing your social networks? Here are some vital attributes you will want to think about:

1) Native Speaker with Perfect Grammar

You cannot allow your social media content to be full of basic spelling or grammatical errors. You need your fans and followers to consume your content, not be distracted by the mistakes you’ve made. Of course, we’ll all be human and make a lot of mistakes daily. But try to minimize them by spending the extra money to get a native English speaker it’s worth it.

2) A Master of Multi-Platform

A social media subcontractor who just knows Facebook won’t be of much use to most companies. Unless you are completely sure that you will only be using one platform, hire a person who has no problem working on all the other platforms out there. You don’t need to be on the over 500 major social networks, but be sure to cover some of the most populous and active platforms, like LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as Facebook.Read more

3) Social Skills

It may be obvious, but social media is about, well, being “Social.” In addition to having someone who knows how to generate commitment and social interaction is key to your success. This is certainly not something everybody is able to, but it is absolutely important to maintaining your brand reputation.

4) Knowledge of Your Business

It may not always be possible, but having somebody working on your behalf who truly perceives your business. The needs and concerns of your target audience, and the issues they will respond to, will facilitate the entire process. They will be able to better connect with their followers, and able to answer basic questions for themselves without continually bothering them.

5) Complementary Skills

Social media content isn’t only about the text. It’s visual, the aptitude to find great curative content as well as integrate other media to tell your story, too. Finding a person with these aptitudes will truly help you stand out from the crowd.

6) Willingness to Continue Learning

Social media is always evolving, sometimes at a speed difficult to maintain. However, that’s part of the job of a social media administrator. If they are not willing to keep up with the latest trends, they will not be very useful in the long term. They are ideally passionate enough regarding social media to think about it an interest, meaning that they will spend time outside business hours updating with the latest news.

7) Has Great Design Skills

Now it’s an almost universal fact that a post with a photo is more likely to appeal to social media users. Some surveys have been conducted to set up this fact. Platforms like Pinterest and Instagram that focus more on visuals always require good quality images.

8) Understanding Content Marketing

This is a vital skill that you must have, as the whole concept of social media management fits the broader goal of achieving a higher ranking on it. A marketer must know how these platforms influence search rankings.

9) Being a Real Person

Sometimes we forget that social networks are for interacting and socially relating to real people. If you constantly show your clients that your business is made up of real people who work day and night for them, then your clients can relate to you.

Having the leadership skills is one thing, but finding a solution with the correct structure to help you thrive is even more crucial. Is your social media provider tracking your success? Do they have a system in place to grow your reach? Are they helping to convert your followers into customers?